Nanaimo Airport – YCD

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Please note Island Express is based on a pre-set schedule and does not represent a live flight status.

|8271|Vancouver|3:52PM|3:52PM|On Time
|8275|Calgary|4:52PM|4:52PM|On Time
|454|Boundary Bay|5:00PM|5:00PM|On Time
|404|Abbotsford|5:15PM|5:15PM|On Time
|504|Victoria|5:25PM|5:25PM|On Time
|8265|Vancouver|7:22PM|7:22PM|On Time
|8267|Vancouver|9:27PM|9:27PM|On Time
|3103|Calgary|11:35PM|11:35PM|On Time
|8269|Vancouver|11:37PM|11:37PM|On Time
|450|Boundary Bay|7:30AM|7:30AM|On Time
|400|Abbotsford|7:45AM|7:45AM|On Time

Live flight status, updated every five minutes. Every effort has been made to provide flight information that is accurate and complete; however contact the airline directly to ensure complete accuracy of flight information.